Big Brothers Big Sisters Spotlight

“Rutesha has helped me establish and maintain goals for myself in and out of the classroom. I am a better person because of my friendship with my Big.” – Little Sister Soleil

Rutesha began her mentoring journey with Little Sister Soleil in 2018, through one of Big Brothers Big Sisters’ workplace partnerships. During this time, Rutesha has helped Soleil achieve her goals as Soleil has come out of her shell and become involved in school clubs, and has excelled academically with her induction into the Junior Honor Society last year.

They have shared many memorable experiences together.  Some of their favorites have included: playing basketball, exploring art projects, walks along the riverfront, and celebrating Soleil’s 8th grade graduation.  As Soleil navigates through high school, she knows that Rutesha will continue to be in her corner as an advocate, guide, and sister.