National Mentoring Month

During National Mentoring Month, the Devils Youth Foundation is working with our partners to raise awareness about the transformative impact of positive adult role models in the lives of young individuals and actively work towards a significant increase in the presence of male mentors of color.

This January, we’re excited to bring you inspiring stories that showcase the power of mentorship! Each week, we’ll shine a spotlight on amazing mentor/mentee relationships that have made a lasting impact. Join us in celebrating the incredible journeys of growth, learning, and success.

National Mentor monthLet these stories inspire you to seek or be an extraordinary mentor. Tag someone who has made a significant impact on your journey or share your own mentorship success story using #MentorshipExcellence. Together, let’s make January a month of learning, growth, and gratitude!

Brothers For Life

“Alex has an inherent capability to always see the potential in others and a desire to bring out the best in them. With this he has helped me to become the student, brother, son, and athlete I am today.” – Little Brother Julian

Big Brother Alex’s inspiration to become a mentor came from seeing firsthand the impact his mother made as an educator for over 20 years. Big Brother Alex and Little Brother Julian have been matched for 5 years and have maintained a strong connection from the beginning. Over the years they have bonded over movies, working out, love of sports, and the importance of education.  Through their mentoring relationship, Julian has gained confidence and critical life skills which has helped him discover his future path. Julian’s dream is to be the first person in his family to graduate college and get his degree in Robotic Engineering. This June, Big Brother Alex will be cheering on his Little Brother Julian as he walks across the stage to receive his high school diploma and transition to the next chapter – college.     As a result of their bond and mentoring impact, they received the 2023 NJ Big and Little of the Year Award for Big Brothers Big Sisters. This brotherly bond will continue for years to come.